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November 2019 Update

Construction has continued at a good pace. In building D, all sheetrock is completed. All windows have been installed. Some wood floors have already been installed as well. The weather proofing for rooftops has been completed too. Cabinets have already started their install. The finish out will continue to move along in an effort to close some building D units by end of year. The building B framing has been moving at a fast pace too; the 3rd floor is framed now so the 4th and rooftop will be next. There is no doubt our crews are finding a rhythm on the 2nd building. It is extremely nice to have a driveway this year; it was a mud hole last year. Anyhow, the drive up appeal looks so fresh with new cement for a driveway. However, the views at sunrise and sunset are spectacular! It never gets old watching the sunset over Lake Lewisville!!

Here are some aerial pictures from previous month October:

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