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May 2018 Update

Spring has finally sprung despite the cold snaps of weather. We have made significant progress on our development so an update is warranted. Construction has progressed either ahead of or on schedule for all planned thus far. We were able to complete all of our dirt work before the rains started and then the west retaining wall was completed in record time. The south retaining wall will be started once the trucks can be moved from site; the wall would prevent access to the site presently. The various pictures we displayed above show the progress discussed here.

The project is taking shape and the views of the lake and sunsets are incredible; you can get a good idea of what the development will look like now as sewage pipes have been completed and drainage pipes are being installed now. It is obvious where each building and townhome will be located on the site now. We have 9 townhomes in our 1st building and have earnest money contracts on 5 thus far. We anticipate the construction to start on the 1st building or block d in june of 2018; this is known as plan b.

We also have uploaded our drawings for the 2nd building or Block B on our website, this is known as Plan A. We can now offer the 4 Story product that is quite a bit bigger than our 3 Story product. Please review the plans for the 4 Story product; it is nice to be able to offer both floor plans for various options now. We anticipate construction to start on the 2nd building very soon.

If you review the aerial pictures, then I think you will get a realistic idea of how great the views will be from your townhome. If the visibility had been better, then you could have seen to interstate 35; I do not know of a view from a rooftop terrace or kitchen table that will top the lake views that are available from these townhomes in DFW. You can clearly see the nature trail around the lake that you will gain access to from the Westport pool exit. Westport lakeview villas will truly be a special place that offers luxury living on the lake with some of the best access in North Plano/Frisco area very soon! Please contact us at 214-837-2792 to make an appointment.

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