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February 2020 update

The rain is here again in February but it will not slow us down this year! We have finished the weatherproofing completely on building D and in the final stages of completing for building B.

We are starting the plumbing, electrical and HVAC in building B. The windows are installed completely now. Next, the brick masonry will start on building B. We anticipate this building moving along faster than building D with our recent process experience and weather no longer a factor.

In building D, we started installing the metal railings for all stairways. We are also installing the LED lighting in all rails and bathroom mirrors for master; it looks incredible. Painting has started. Cabinets & counter tops are being installed. Exterior stucco is about to start & we will pour concrete for driveways after the exterior stucco work is completed.

We have begun pre sales for building E now. A couple of purchasers have been either relocated or moving so we have available units in building B & D that are nearly completed. This would dramatically reduce the time to occupy a unit.

Please stop by the development, call or email us to discuss your living on Lake Lewisville!

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