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December 2019 Update

Block D is being finished with tile and stucco so schedule is 60 days from closing. We have units 1 & 2 still available in block D but they will not last long with the increased traffic at the development. If you are interested, then call 214-837-2792.

Block B framing is almost complete so walkthroughs can happen next. It is a perfect time in the building process to start customizing your own townhome. We still have 4 units in block B available. Each time I walk block B I am impressed with the 12 foot high ceilings on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th floor. The panoramic views of the metro area and the lake on the roof top terrace from 50 feet are impressive! You can even see the lake from the living area from block B townhomes.

Block E will start next with 8 townhomes so call us at 214-837-2792 or email if you are interested to learn more about block E townhomes.

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